Meditation Challenge: Month 3

Written from Valeggio Sul Mincio, Verona, Italy

I'm taking 15 mins while Lidiya is still sleeping to put this short meditation update up. We're travelling in Italy this week. Visiting a friend I met while volunteering in Bulgaria five years ago!

Three months of meditation down. Three and a half now actually. I've been slow getting this post out.

Recently I've started sleeping less. Waking up after about 6 hours before my alarm. Usually I sleep 7.5 or 9 hours. There could be many reasons for that, but I've heard meditation helps, so it could at least partly be the cause.

Other than that not much to report. I've been doing the Headspace sleep meditation before bed sometimes. Or a 10 minute unguided meditation. I usually do it after journalling at the end of the day. I write a quick summary of the day, how I felt, a few things I'm grateful for, and a plan for the next day.

I feel that puts my mind at ease pre-sleep, closing up any loose ends my brain might start thinking about when my head hits the pillow, then the meditation afterwards adds to that and also physically prepares me for sleep.

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