Meditation Challenge: Month 2

Written from Prado del Rey, Andalusia, Spain

This is the month 2 update in my 2015 Meditation Challenge.

I've meditated every day, at least once a day, for at least 20 minutes so far in 2015.

I'm still using the Headspace app, but have been modifying things a little. Instead of letting my breath return to a natural cadence after meditation 'warm-up', I continue breathing deeply, keeping inhales and exhales the same length.

Then, I introduce a mantra in the style of Wayne Dyer's “I am wishes fulfilled” meditation. Where I have been repeating most often, “I am abundance, I am”, “I am love, I am” or, a more specific one, “I am financial abundance, I am”.

Greatest Meditation Moment from February

More or less my pracitice has been consistent, similar to what I experienced in January. Some very still peaceful sessions. Some where I'm so distracted I feel like there was little point in even trying to sit still (but then they are probably the days I need it most!)

One day, though was unique.

I have in my journal, on 19th February 2015.

The most incredible meditation. Enveloped, but no, elsewhere. Beyond emotion. In the womb of the universe.

That's a little fluffy, I know.

About 10-15 minutes into my meditation I felt mentally detached my body. I was still aware I was sitting in my living room physically, but the awareness was really subtle and didn't distract or take me out of the state I was in.

I felt like I had so much space. And wasn't really bliss, or contentment, or happiness. But something along those lines. The state was fairly solid too. Andy's voice came in at the end of the meditation, but I continued for about another 5 mins, and his interuption didn't take me out either.

It was different than short still or 'deep' moments I've experienced before. And since then I haven't experience anything remotely like it. But maybe it will start happening more often.

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