Introducing The Remote Manifesto

Written from Kaliningrad, Russia

Since 2012, I have lived in and worked from Ireland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovenia, the United States, and Russia. I’m writing from Kaliningrad, Russia, moving to Spain in two weeks—for five months—and moving to Belgium after that.

All the moving about means I have the remote working thing down fairly well. Choosing the title of this blog means I can justify introducing travel anecdotes, and share my remote working experiences, along with design musings.


The site is powered by Jekyll and typeset in Warnock Pro, served by Typekit. The typeface was designed by Robert Slimbach.

Four different weights are in use; light italic, regular, semibold, and bold, for caption, text, subhead, and display. The typeface also intentionally features a Cyrillic character set and ligatures.

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